equalization fund.

equalization fund.

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  • equalization fund — noun 1. : a fund for equalizing payments or income to various classes of persons; specifically : a fund raised by tariff duties on certain products and used for equalizing the income of producers of those products in proportion to their… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Equalization Reserve — A long term reserve that an insurance company keeps for the purpose of preventing cash flow depletion in the event of a significant unforeseen catastrophe. A disastrous event such as a flood, earthquake, or fire can result in the severe depletion …   Investment dictionary

  • Risk equalization — is a way of equalizing the risk profiles of insurance members in order to reduce premium differences to some predetermined extent.In competitive markets for individual health insurance, risk rated premiums are observed to differ across subgroups… …   Wikipedia

  • stabilization fund — noun : a fund maintained by a government to control the foreign exchange quotation of its currency called also equalization fund * * * a monetary reserve established by a country to provide funds for maintaining the official exchange rates of its …   Useful english dictionary

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